Classical line of unpackaged rabbit, which offers authenticity and the flavour of healthy, natural foods,

perfect for a family lunch or a dinner with friends.

It is particularly indicated for children. It has a very delicate flavour is very easy to digest, and is considered

hypoallergenic, as its proteins are very rarely the cause of food allergies.

An unsurmountable classic, rabbit meat is always delicious, and is the base of several gastronomic trends, from traditional recipes to contemporary cuisine.

“The peasant rabbit” offers a wide range of products, from whole rabbits to portioned animals, from roast rabbit to

ready-to-cook burgers, excellent from all points of view. Our products come from our production chain and are

fresh and guaranteed, submitted to strict quality controls during the entire processing and packaging process.

Rabbit meat is a white, light and flavourful meat.

It contains of protein, only 5% fats and very low cholesterol contents.