The production process of our rabbit meat is divided into two steps. In the first one there is the selection of the feed industry according to the requested requirements: vegetable and non-GMO.
By signing a detailed specification, the feed industries accept periodic checks in their own farms by qualified technicians.
The second step is focused on Berti’s breedind farms, located in areas and facilities which respect the animal wellness.
The checks concern:


Fattening dam’s cages according to CE.



The insulation and the air exchange.



Biosecurity and all the crucial standards to obtain an excellent production.


Farmers who decide to enter the production chain have to sign a breeding specification, by undertaking to breed rabbits according the specific requirements.
The prepared products and the ready-to-cook ones are realized by Delizie Nostrane, a company of the Berti group, situated in Pescarolo, in the province of Cremona.
The research and development laboratory has realized prepared dishes with rabbit meat without allergens, gluten and preservatives, capable to guarantee a 7 days shelf-life.