Berti Company at Bellavita in Amsterdam

Berti Company is ready to face new challenges and, in 2018, it starts exploring foreign markets.
The first step is represented by the Bellavita Expo in Amsterdam, a very important trade show dedicated to italian agrifood excellencies: the eyes of the whole world are on Made in Italy food products.

Company growth

The company has grown exponentially. Eighty years ago the company bred rabbits only; nowadays it prepares cooked dishes. The cornerstone of this incredible growth are represented by the tenets of the company: the attention to the whole production process, to the food and the wellness of rabbits during the breeding in order to offer high-quality products to consumers.

The development of production

By starting from the breeding of rabbits, we have continued studying to find innovative solutions for our customers. For this reason, we have succeded in create ready-to-cook dishes and, as shown in Amsterdam, the cooked dishes. The receipts Dutch buyers tasted during the exhibition are the rabbit meat sauce, the tagliatelle with rabbit meat sauce, the stuffed rabbit with “Parmigiano Reggiano” and the rabbit nuggets.

Strenghts of new receipts

Our new receipts have severals strenghts. Above all, there is always the quality of the meat. By not using colorings and preservatives, our customers are aware of having bought a quality product.
Our labels are “short”: we add only natural flavourings and, in particular cases, quality products which represent Italian cuisine, such as parmigiano reggiano which has enriched the stuffed rabbit and the rolled slices.
Another important aspect is the preparation speed. The cooked dishes are ready in a few minutes.

Feedback of the exhibition

We went to Amsterdam with a strong desire to explore new markets and to test the feasibility of our expansion; we are really satisfied of the Dutch feedback.
Although meat rabbit isn’t usually consumed in those areas, the buyer which tasted our receipts were completely impressed by their quality. A really positive feedback; we also received the Bellavita Stars: our stuffed rabbit received two stars. We are very happy because the judges were insiders. Motivated by this success, we are ready to study, day by day, new solutions for our customers

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